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About Us

Welcome to the Holder 20 One Design Website!

Our Mission Statement
The Holder 20 One Design Class believes that the purpose of the organization shall be to encourage one design sailing as a competitive sport and recreation, to promote interest in seamanship, and to encourage one design among fellow sailors.

Who We Are:

We are the Official site of the Holder 20 One design Sailing Association

Welcome Sailors,
Holder 20 enthusiasts who are interested in maintaining the one design attributes of the Holder 20 sailboat have formed the Holder 20 One Design Class Association. We have been accepted as a national class association by US Sailing. The web site has information and forms available to download, including our constitution, and some forms including a response card to return if you are interested joining the Holder 20 One Design Class Association.

You do not need to be a boat owner to be a member of the Class Association. Please encourage your spouses and crew to register their own memberships.