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Saving #269

by Rod TerBeest

(This aricle was written by my friend Rod who passed away a few years ago)

In Minnesota, we are in the process of building Holder 20 fleets, Matt Gundlach and I have been buying and bringing back boats to offer to interested sailors in the area. So far we have a total of 10 boats here, with more than half due to our fleet building efforts. I have a particular interest in the Holder 20 class because for 5 years I was the Class Association US Fleet Captain and was national champion in the year 2000. The boats were first built by Vagabond boats and later by Coast Catamaran Corp. Only 275 or so of the boats were built from 1981 through 1987. The class association has records for only about 150 of the boats built. So every time we find another one it is an exciting time. The boats are scattered all over the country, racing PHRF in local fleets, used as family day sailors at cabins and many are just abandoned in boat yards and back yards. There are 4 active fleets in the country; Waconia, Minnesota; Las Vegas, Nevada; Madison Lake, Minnesota; and Lake Havasu, Arizona. In the early 80's the class was quite active but interest died out after the last boats were built. A core of owners on the West Coast managed to keep the association going. Lately interest is on the rise because of the promotional efforts of the class association.

Weather Helm

by Rod TerBeest

The issue of too much weather helm has been asked several times and I thought I could answer some of the questions. Sailing World Magazine and Sail are also good resource for many “techniques questions”...