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We all love sailing in regattas. After the races it seems they are sailed again on shore as competitors reflect and talk about the day's racing. For those of us who missed the regatta we can vicariously experience it through these reflections. Our calendar will list many open regattas around the country as we hear about them. As you hear about open regattas send us an email with pertinent information and we will post in on the calendar. If you attend various regattas send pictures of Holder 20's racing and tell us about the regatta.

To send in your reflections email matt@holder20-onedesign.com

Reflections of 2016 Nationals

The Holder 20 2016 Nationals were a great success. I have been sailing and racing Holder 20s for many years and getting 6 or 7 boats together would be a major accomplishment. There were 12 at Nationals and it looks to me like the number of ‘Southern’ boats is rising. I was very envious of the Holder 20 energy that was present. The ‘Northern’ group has been far less active and in my opinion it shows. We entered the regatta with our basics in tack but we were not particularly honed. The ‘Southern’ boats certainly demonstrated that. Our challenge is to really activate the ‘Northern’ boats so we can have a great rivalry with an every other year North/South Nationals challenge.

The new blood into the fleet is so welcome and I hope to be part of it through this website. During spring, summer and fall I will be sailing and not paying too much attention to the web but this winter I hope to have the webmaster work to make it integral to our class. We northerners will have our work cut out for the 2017 Nationals in both having skippers and boats honed as we strive to put on an event that is as well run as 2016 Nataionals was in Tennessee.

At this time we are looking at rotating Nationals between the Northern and Southern locations. I am sure both groups would encourage another part of the US where there is active Holder 20 racing to host a Nationals in the future. I know in the North we will have a District Holder 20 event so those who cannot make the trip to Nationals will have a big event to look toward.

-Sail Fast Matt 222